Ten years ago I started as a wedding photographer. I'm from Antwerp, but I'm available worldwide. 

I'm passionate about a lot of things: filter coffee, movies, cheesecake and Korean food, art, Japan and traveling in general, sports, tattoos, cats, museums, ... Therefore I'm a restless mind, I'm always thinking about something. And when I'm not thinking, I'm taking photographs in my head when going somewhere. I would love to have a passion for books, but I'm too impatient for that. That's why I have a passion for everything that's visual: photography, cinematography, graphic design, illustration, paintings, art. —


— Why are you a wedding photographer?

First of all, there is nothing more beautiful than celebrating romance. It gives me energy, but it also moves me. Yes, even as an outsider. Because I can get close to the couple/people for a photograph, I can feel their emotion.

It also makes me happy to photograph a bunch of happy people who are having a good time or are willing to throw a party. That's what I also hope for potential newly weds: don't stress too much about your wedding.

Have a good time, enjoy it.


— And why should we choose you?

When I'm photographing a wedding, I picture myself getting married and what kind of images would make me happy as a memory of my wedding day. The highlights, but also family portraits, the small moments, an impression of the moment and details. It are the details that make the bigger picture. When you both get old, you don't want to forget about those small funny details on your wedding day. You will be grateful to have a picture of it.

I'm an introvert person, but social on the right moments. I'm always professional, but never a party pooper. I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol at weddings and I'm always smiling when photographing (for real). —